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Website redesign help wanted

ShareTraveler is built in WordPress

It’s time to start thinking about revamping my website. It’s been a few years since the last re-design. And inevitably the content becomes less organized and the usability less optimal. So I’m looking for help in a few ways:

  1. Do you have thoughts about how to better organize Have you tried to find some information but found it difficult to navigate to the right place? What do you want to see featured? How can the site be improved?
  2. Do you have web design skills? I don’t have WordPress or web design skills so I’m looking for someone who can help. I’ll pay for your services, but I’m not making money off this website so I can’t pay much. My ideal designer/developer is someone who is familiar with the ShareTraveler content as the content will drive the design.

Over the years I’ve had some generous offers of help from folks who had big ideas about how I could expand ShareTraveler into a broader resource, create a subscription service for industry, and dramatically improve my SEO. Unfortunately all these ideas required significant work from me, and not in an area that I’m particularly inspired by. My fun is in creating the content behind ShareTraveler. So please don’t be insulted if I don’t implement all of your great ideas. They’re still appreciated. And I’ll hold on to them in case I can tackle them in the future.



  • Hi Dawn,

    It’s always good to give a site a bit of a freshen-up but I think your current design is already pretty good. The main thing that I’d change is to move your comparative tables from a spreadsheet to a database. They’re really interesting but difficult to use as they are.

    Your content is really good. You have lots of interesting original content. You obviously enjoy that part. It shows.

    It wouldn’t be terribly difficult. I could give you a hand if you’re interested. I’m a php dev (which is what WordPress is built with). Design is not really my forte. I tend to find a theme I like and just go with that.


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