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Peer to Peer Travel Advice and Tours

Back in July I interviewed Your Local Cousin about their service providing local advice to travelers. I’ve recently run across some other similar trip planning, travel advice and peer to peer tour services. As always, you can find these and many other similar businesses in my spreadsheet of sharing economy travel services. 

Ventoura Travel App Fails to Deliver

I recently wrote about Ventoura, a travel app that I described as Tinder for Travel. In my interview the CEO of Ventoura, Raymond Siems explained their business model: “The goal is for Ventoura to be a one-stop social hub for travelling. If you want to meet a local and unlock the secrets of your destination, or, if you […]

Sharing Economy Travel Companions Updates

In June I wrote about finding travel buddies using the websites and mobile apps that help connect travelers with each other. Below are some newcomers to this space. Innovation seems to be focused on mobile apps, which makes sense for travelers. But as with many other peer to peer travel businesses, number of users is tremendously important. […]

Your Local Cousin: Insider Tips for Travelers

Your Local Cousin is a new website devoted to connecting travelers with locals for insider tips about their destinations. I was in the process of setting up an interview with Aarti Kanodia, one of the founders, when I decided to test out the site for help planning a trip to Tucson. Knowing they just launched in 2015 I […]

Ventoura Introduces Tinder for Travel

In a recent interview Raymond Siems, CEO of Ventoura, talked with me about his company’s take on connecting travelers with each other and also with local guides. Ventoura’s peer to peer activities complement traveler to traveler connections on a unique Tinder-style mobile app. They just launched in March and are quickly adding both travelers and locals. […]

Finding Travel Buddies

While in Iceland I experimented a bit with different ways to meet other travelers and locals while traveling alone. There are a growing number of networks specifically to connect travelers. Here I will expand on my post about making friends and ridesharing in Iceland. I have a friend who uses Grindr to meet people and get tips while traveling. […]

Peer to Peer Activities: So Many New Options

Recently I’ve come across a number of variations on the concept of peer to peer activity guides. The traditional (if something this new can be called traditional) model is a website that allows individuals to create a listing for their services, common options include teaching how to cook a special cuisine, a tour of local street […]

Verlocal Interview: Peer to Peer Experiences Changing the World

Will Lee, the founder of Verlocal, is going to change the world with peer to peer experiences. At least, listening to him talk, it’s easy to see his passion and commitment to a larger goal than just making some money. His company’s vision is “empowering people to generate substantial income through their passions.” I had the opportunity to […]

Booking Challenges with Peer to Peer Tours

  After all the fun I had on my various food and city tours in Malaysia and Bangkok, I decided to try booking another food experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was only going to be in Chiang Mai for 3 days, and didn’t have a plan in advance for this visit. But as soon as […]

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