Peer-to-Peer Travel Companies Table

Here is my table of all the peer to peer sharing economy companies I’ve found so far that are relevant to travelers, excluding home exchange. It is sortable and can be filtered by the type of business (i.e. bike share).


  • Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Ethiopia!

    This is to add my suggested sites to the list of peer-to-peer activities for worldwide private tours.

    I suggest,, and

    Thanks and best regards,

    Muluken Girma

    • Thanks Muluken, I already have Vayable and triip listed. Meetrip only advertises tours by professional guides who are certified so I think this does not fall in the peer-to-peer tour category, although their website is very similar to sharing economy sites.

  • A couple of updates on p2p shipping (findings from trying to list some upcoming trips):

    Sheaply seems to be focused on France
    Backpackbang is only for Bangladesh (it’s listed as Global
    Parcelio, Sociotransit, and Pleasebringme appear to be defunct – their websites still exist but are broken (or in the case of Parcelio, there’s no way to sign up) and their social media hasn’t been updated in 3+ years.

  • Amazing resource! Another site that should be in this list is – locals from all around the world offer travelers experiences tailored to their interests + different services such as airport pickup, buying tickets in advance, driving you around (or outside) the city, basically being at your disposal for a number of hours and showing you what it would be like to explore that city with a local friend.

    • Hi Luca, it looks like this is more of a cruise booking service than a peer to peer boat rental. I don’t think it fits into my spreadsheet which is focused exclusively on sharing economy travel services. Thanks!

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