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Verlocal Interview: Peer to Peer Experiences Changing the World

Will Lee, the founder of Verlocal, is going to change the world with peer to peer experiences. At least, listening to him talk, it’s easy to see his passion and commitment to a larger goal than just making some money. His company’s vision is “empowering people to generate substantial income through their passions.” I had the opportunity to […]

Booking Challenges with Peer to Peer Tours

  After all the fun I had on my various food and city tours in Malaysia and Bangkok, I decided to try booking another food experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was only going to be in Chiang Mai for 3 days, and didn’t have a plan in advance for this visit. But as soon as […]

Withlocals Guided Tour of Penang

I’m not usually a fan of organized tours. Traveling around in a tour group makes me impatient: I feel like I’m always waiting for everyone else to be done with something, or rushing to catch up when I want to linger over an interesting sight or stop for some tasty food. Also traditional tour guides […]

I Like Local Interview: See the Real World with Locals in Asia

When I Like Local launched last year I wrote a brief overview of their peer to peer travel experiences and homestays. Because of their focus on Southeast Asia, I recently spent some time on the I Like Local website researching potential activities for my upcoming trip. And I had the opportunity to interview Sanne Meijboom, the founder of I Like […]

Withlocals + Technology = Peer to Peer Fun for Travelers

Withlocals is peer-to-peer marketplace that connects travelers with locals through food and experiences such as tours, activities and home dinners in Southeast Asia. Their offerings cover a broad range of home dinners, cultural, athletic and homestay experiences ranging from a music, meditation and tea ceremony in Malaysia, to parasailing in Bali, or a home dinner with a local […]

Localfu Offers Tourists Plans from Locals for $5

Founded in 2014, Localfu is an innovative take on sharing economy travel. They connect travelers with locals who will construct customized travel plans. For instance, if you are going to Harbor Springs, Michigan, and want to know where you can camp near the beach, you can get in touch with Jordan who will tell you about the best […]

My Critique of Peer to Peer Tour Guide Websites

I love the aspect of the sharing economy that allows me to meet locals while traveling.  And I enjoy seeing things from the perspective of these locals. So peer to peer travel experiences are an attractive concept. I’m far more likely to pay for a unique walk around town with a local than I am […]

Flamenco Explained: Peer to Peer Travel Experience in Sevilla

I finally got around to trying out a peer to peer travel experience in Spain while in Sevilla. I used the site that is focused on Spain exclusively right now, Trip4Real, but there are a number of peer to peer tour guide options available.

Trip4Real Interview

Trip4Real is one of the peer to peer tour guide services that has appeared in the sharing economy in the past few years. Leveraging the experience and insight of locals, Trip4Real provides a platform for people to serve as tour guides and activity hosts for travelers. Founded in 2013, Trip4Real currently exists only in Spain but they recently raised […]

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