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Japan’s growing peer to peer travel scene

A new Japanese law enacted this summer required Airbnb hosts to register and display a license. To comply with the law Airbnb was forced to cancel a lot of bookings at the last minute. This was some very bad press for peer to peer travel services in Japan. And a surprising number of sharing economy […]

Peer to peer home cooked meal in Manila

In August I spent some time in the Philippines. One thing that kept me from visiting this country sooner was the food. I’ve never really liked Filipino food. At least not the stuff I’ve had in the U.S. I find it overly greasy and too meat-focused. And without interesting spices. But I want to be […]

Triip Peer to Peer Taipei Food Tour

On a recent trip to Taipei, which for me is largely about eating delicious foods, I scheduled a food tour with the peer to peer activities network Triip. After my research into sharing economy activities in Taiwan I was excited to find that Triip has a few offerings that are free! I selected a tour of the […]

Taiwan Peer to Peer Activities

Preparing for a short trip to Taiwan I did some research on potential peer-to-peer tours and activities, with a focus on food options because this is one of my favorite countries for delicious eating. I came up with a number of services that do have some good choices in Taipei and the surrounding area, though […]

Behind the Scenes (again) with TravelingSpoon

Once again on a trip to Malaysia I had the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for TravelingSpoon, testing out a new food experience for them in Kuala Lumpur. I was thrilled to help out this awesome company by offering up my stomach and camera to make sure the meal was up to their high standards.

Home Cooked Indian Food in Sweden?

A big part of the fun of travel for me is trying out local foods. I don’t need fancy meals, in fact I’m just as happy with street food as I am with a sit down restaurant. I just want to sample interesting local cuisine. So when I was approached by the folks at BonAppetour to try […]

BonAppetour Interview: Dining with Locals Through the Sharing Economy

BonAppetour is a peer to peer meal sharing service founded in 2013 that facilitates in-home food experiences for travelers. Locals can make some extra money offering home cooked meals, introducing travelers to specialties from their culture. I have written a lot about peer to peer meal sharing and sharing economy food services, and I like BonAppetour for […]

Community Meals: Meet Locals Through Shared Food

I’ve added a few new peer to peer meal sharing sites to my spreadsheet (category=Activities) of sharing economy travel resources. These additions are particularly interested because they’re really just about connecting people who want to find new and interesting folks to hang out with over a meal. This is different from the traditional sharing economy food model where you […]

Behind the Scenes: Vetting a TravelingSpoon Food Experience in Malaysia

While in Malaysia a few weeks ago I got to act as ambassador for the folks at TravelingSpoon, helping them to vet one of the food experiences they are hoping to offer. As the TravelingSpoon founders explained in the interview I published, they offer a unique peer to peer meal experience service, with each experience personally vetted […]

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