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Airbnb restrictions make home exchange more attractive

The rules and laws governing Airbnb are a contentious subject in many cities around the world. There’s a lot of concern about the impact of short-term rentals on housing availability and price. Some studies have validated this affect. And of course the hotel industry doesn’t like short term rentals stealing their clients. Some also complain […]

Overnight shuts down rental lodging service based on friend networks

It’s always sad when innovative companies with creative solutions to helping people travel on the cheap shut down. I’m especially sad about this one because I had only just discovered them. Overnight was a private network for peer-to-peer home rentals. They offered paid lodging options within your personal network, or within networks of interest groups […]

Overnight addresses trust issues in peer-to-peer rentals

Overnight is a private network for peer-to-peer rental homes. It’s a lot like Airbnb, but Overnight is a membership organization and listings are not open to the public. Instead homes are listed only within networks or friend groups. Founded in 2015, Overnight officially operates in four U.S. cities: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, […]

Marriott offers Airbnb-like home rentals with points earning and spending options

Marriott is piloting an interesting combination of hotel loyalty program and peer-to-peer rental lodging. They are offering home rentals on which members can earn Marriott points. And soon it will be possible to pay with points. The service is only available in London right now. It’s administered through the Marriott Tribute Portfolio brand as Tribute […]

Airbnb makes deal with apartment owners

Lease restrictions often prevent people from renting out their apartment on Airbnb. Many apartment owners prohibit subletting of any kind. (Note that this may still allow you to do home exchanges legally since no money changes hands.) Airbnb is working to convince apartment owners that Airbnb is good for them. And in fact it is, […]

Share a Room offers new way to find travel partners

Share A Room is a new company offering a novel twist on finding travel buddies.  Think of it as a dating app for finding travel partners, where matches are found based on desired travel dates. Once you find a match you can chat within the app to make sure you’ll be a good fit. And […]

Disaster Response Peer to Peer lodging

Airbnb activated their Disaster Response system for Hurricane Harvey a few weeks ago. This tool enables hosts to provide free lodging for those in need in affected parts of Texas and Louisiana. After the 2012 Hurricane Sandy disaster in New York, Airbnb built the disaster response feature into it’s platform. During disaster response events Airbnb […]

Home Exchange and Short-Term Rental: What’s the Difference?

by Janis Fisher Chan Our traveling life started late:  once our kids were on their own, we moved from the dark, sprawling home they’d grown up in to a compact, sunny home overlooking a marsh where snowy egrets stalked their breakfast. But we were restless.  We wanted to spend a couple of months in Rome, […]

Nightswapping Acquires MyTwinPlace

MyTwinPlace announced at the end of July that they’ve been acquired by Nightswapping. I’m not surprised by this development. I think the partnership makes sense because these two networks were both facilitating a form of points-based home exchange using the cost of renting your home for a night as the basis. And MyTwinPlace had failed […]

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