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Cheap Resort Certificate Deal (aka I’m not a Resort Person)

Almost exactly a year ago I read about a deal to buy a certificate that could be redeemed for a seven night stay at a bunch of resort condos around the world for $250. The offer was through Resort Vacation Certificates, a Wyndham network. That’s essentially $36 per night for a condo that sleeps between 2 and 6 people (depending on […]

Look After Me Homestay: New Zealand Hospitality Formalized

New Zealand conjures a few images in my mind: the hobbit, people doing insane adrenaline sports, and hospitality. This last one comes from the many stories I’ve heard about how incredibly nice and hospitable Kiwis are to strangers traveling in their country. I’d love to visit New Zealand but I wonder if I would be […]

SleepOut: The AirBnb of Africa

When I’m looking for travel lodging options and can’t find a home exchange, I often turn to peer to peer rental lodging. This is one of the most well known aspects of sharing economy lodging as most people have heard of AirBnb. But there are many other similar websites, some for specific markets or regions, and even […]

Homestay Makes you Young and Happy

OK so it’s definitely not causal, at least not the young part. But recent statistics about users of this sharing economy travel lodging service tell us something about who is participating in hosted stays (hint, they are young and mostly very happy with the experience). Homestay is one of many peer to peer rental lodging […]

Zilyo: Peer to Peer Rental Lodging Metasearch

Founded in 2013, Zilyo is a sophisticated metasearch engine for sharing economy lodging. There are a lot of peer to peer rental lodging websites, and users have to search across all of these sites to find the best option for their travels. Zilyo is solving this problem by aggregating lodging sites into one search engine. On Zilyo users […]

Vakast: New Vacation Lodging Search Option

In the realm of peer to peer rental lodging there are a lot of companies competing for your business. I wrote an overview of the options with my recommendations for the most efficient places to search for a place to rent. But now that Vakast has come on the scene I need to update my suggestions. […]

Priceline Meets AirBnb: FlatClub Introduces Bidding for Peer to Peer Rentals

FlatClub is one of over 30 peer to peer lodging rental websites that I’ve looked at, in an arena where AirBnB is dominating the press. To me FlatClub was not particularly interesting in such a crowded field of peer to peer rental lodging, until recently when they launched a new feature, LiveDemand, which allows guests to post requests for lodging, including […]

Sharing Economy Vacation Rentals

In addition to home exchange, my favorite sharing economy lodging option, there are a lot of companies facilitating peer to peer rental (and free) lodging. This article provides an overview of the current market and hopefully will help you find the best place to look for your next vacation rental or host. 

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