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Delivering British Shortbread to San Francisco

During the last days of my recent trip to the UK, while I was in London, I got an email from someone on the PiggyBee platform telling me she was having a craving for British shortbread treats and asking if I could possibly bring some back for her. She knew my trip dates and locations […]

Peer to Peer shipping – Listing my trips for the next six months

I finally sat down and added my trips for the second half of 2016 into a bunch of crowdsourced delivery sites. This was a pretty time consuming task, and I didn’t even do it for all my trips (I skipped the domestic ones) or on all of the sites (I’ll explain this more below). I […]

Crowdsourced Delivery: The long journey of a backpack

When I got the request from Marc to bring him a Tortuga travel pack on my trip to the U.K. I thought this would be one of my easiest crowdsourced delivery jobs yet.  Once again, on PiggyBee I found a match for my travel route. And Marc seemed like a super nice guy who shared my love […]

Social Shipping with BuddyExpress

I recently learned about a new social shipping startup: BuddyExpress. The business model is similar to other crowdsourced delivery services that connect travelers to folks who want something delivered. But BuddyExpress has a social network twist on this concept: they want to build trust for delivery by connecting people with other folks who share someone […]

Three Day Sharing Economy Travel Extravaganza

Somewhat unplanned, my recent 3 day trip to Chicago turned into a sharing economy travel extravaganza. I’ll be publishing separate posts detailing my experiences with these services, but I wanted to write a quick sum up to explain how I saved $1074 and earned $20 while taking a weekend trip to visit friends. Peer to Peer […]

Beginners Guide to Profiting from Crowdsourced Delivery

I’ve had a few frequent travelers ask me about how they can take advantage of peer-to-peer delivery to make money so I decided it was time to write a guide to crowdsourced delivery. If you travel a lot, and especially if you have status with the airlines and get extra luggage checked for free, you may […]

So Many New Crowdsourced Delivery Sites

I was working on a how-to basics post on crowdsourced delivery when I came across a relatively new list of peer-to-peer shipping companies from Piggybee. David (at Piggybee) and I have been going back and forth expanding our respective lists of these companies for a while now (here’s the Piggybee list and here’s mine – in my […]

Peer-to-Peer shipping locally

Recently someone who works at PeerShip reached out to me to ask if I would feature them on ShareTraveler. I checked out their site, thinking it was another crowdsourced shipping tool (something I frequently write about and am always excited to learn about new innovators in this area). Instead I found that PeerShip offers peer-to-peer delivery locally, […]

Running Drugs to Colombia

I still can’t think of the Colombian city Medellín without automatically filling in the words “drug cartels” as in “Medellín drug cartels.” I think this speaks to the power of the American media in the 80s and 90s during the Reagan-initiated “war on drugs” since I know very little about that country otherwise. Ironically, here I am […]

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