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Shopping for Miles and Points

I’m finally trying to really maximize my miles and points on purchases. For a long time when I needed to make a purchase I would half heartedly look at cashbackmonitor for the best portal to use to earn miles when shopping online. But after months of reading about people doubling or tripling their points return on […]

Embarrassed into Flying Business Class

I’m new to this whole travel hacking thing, and I admit that I’m less than thorough or diligent in my research and reading about how to maximize my free miles and points. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a recent post explaining how I earned free miles this year.) I see all […]

Southwest Companion Pass: Two Years of Free Flights

I unlocked the Southwest Companion Pass the last week of January, and although I don’t write much about airline miles (because others do it much better than me), I want to mention this because it’s such a great deal and so many people I know have never heard of it.

Why I’m Still Flying AirAsia

A week before the recent crash of AirAsia’s flight between Indonesia and Singapore I booked four tickets with this airline for my Southeast Asia trip in February. And when I mention this to people they inevitably look at me like I’m a gonner for sure, and ask if I’m going to change my plans. It’s always tragic when […]

Flying for Free: Summing up a Year of Miles Earning

I don’t earn much money these days, but I do travel a lot. I’m doing home exchanges so my lodging is free, but people often ask how I manage the cost of the flights. The answer is airline miles. But not miles that I accrue by paying for flights. Instead it’s miles I earn by signing […]

The Value of Airline Lounges

A few months ago I signed up for a great points deal with American Airlines which involved spending $10k in 3 months on their executive platinum card and getting 100,000 points in return. In addition, this card comes with free access to the AA airport lounges. This is a feature that I get a ton […]

How to Get a Good Seat in Economy Class

Unlike most of the bloggers I follow who write about chasing miles and points, I don’t aspire to fly first class. I think first class is lovely and I would never turn down a free upgrade, but I’d rather suffer through a day in chattel class so that I can spend my points on two economy […]

FAA Halts Flight Sharing

On August 13 the Federal Aviation Administration sent AirPooler a notice that flight sharing violates regulations. Flight sharing is an interesting new peer to peer service that allows people to purchase a seat with a private pilot who has empty space in an upcoming flight. In theory this works like ride sharing, and helps cover the cost of […]

Free Flights with Miles and Points

Getting to your vacation destination can be the most expensive part of a trip, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Lodging, another significant vacation expense, can be greatly reduced or even eliminated through sharing economy lodging options like home exchange and peer to peer rentals. But unless you are super rich and want to use a service like Zigair […]

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