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Airmule offering bonus for deliveries to China

Airmule is a crowdsourced delivery company that allows travelers to earn some money by carrying stuff in their luggage. In a recent email sent to early adopters they noted big demand for deliveries to Beijing from the United States. In response to this demand Airmule is offering a $50 referral bonus for every delivery to Beijing by new users of their app.

Like most social shipping services, it’s pretty easy to use Airmule, although they currently only have an iOS app so you can’t sign up without an Apple product. Instead of pricing shipping by item, Airmule has travelers list the size and weight they can carry in their luggage and then people who need stuff shipped can bid on that space.

If you’re heading to Beijing  and want to earn some extra cash, contact me and I’ll refer you and split the referral fee 50/50.