BlaBlaCar ridesharing adds busses

blablacar bus

Blablacar is the global leader in ridesharing services. This is true peer-to-peer carpooling; you get a ride with someone already driving your route. And you just pay enough to share the costs of the trip. This French startup is now valued at over $1 billion and offers services in 22 countries.

BlaBlaCar claims 70 million users and 8 million active drivers. Founded in 2006, Blablacar raised $100 million in funding in 2014 and another $200 million in 2015. They raised another $101 million in November, 2018. And they used that money to buy up smaller competitors and integrate new countries into the Blablacar system.

With the November fundraising round BlaBlaCar expanded into other means of transportation, acquiring Ouibus, a French bus operator. This integration should make finding the best option for overland travel a bit easier. But overall I think it’s better for the people interested in ridesharing if BlaBlaCar stays focused on what they do best: ridesharing.