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Blue Key Club Home Swap Network is Live

blue key club launch

Blue Key Club officially launched their home exchange network on July 11. From a duo of avid home swappers, this network is focused on direct exchanges. The initial cost is $19.90 for an annual membership. But if you sign up through a referral link you pay only $9.90. The membership fee will go up as the network grows so if you are considering joining, do it now while it’s cheap! Here’s the link to join at the $9.90 price.


The listings look pretty slick. But for now there is no search functionality. Instead they explain: “As we are continuing to grow and listings are activated, we have a unique feature right now: in place of a traditional ‘search’ we have a dedicated ‘explore’ section for now. This will save you time and help you see exactly what’s available until there is a healthy inventory of homes available.” This explore section is a map of the world with dots representing listed properties.

blue key club explore

This seems like a smart approach. Especially considering that the blue dots are the only properties that have completed profiles (including at least 5 photos of the home).

The website is a bit buggy on this first day. My profile froze up and my listing disappeared entirely from my account after I added the required photos and updated the details. I assume the BKC team is working out the kinks. I look forward to see what BKC offers as they release more features.