First Boat Sharing App in Development

boatWe Are On A Boat is a new iphone app providing a platform for people with boats to share the boating fun. The first boat sharing mobile app, We Are On A Boat is a peer to peer tool that encourages people to provide gifts and rewards towards the boating fun rather than payment (i.e. contributing a picnic lunch). Although the app is live, it looks like there aren’t currently any boats on offer, not even in the developer’s native Amsterdam. But they do have an active kickstarter campaign going and they’ve received some good press and publicity.

You can check out their cute video and fund their kickstarter campaign here. I’ve got no stake in this except as a potential future user, but I do think it sounds like a fun concept, and I hope they can get it off the ground so I can enjoy some boating in the water-based destinations that I visit.

For more information on this aspect of the sharing economy, check out my overview of peer to peer activities and tours.

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