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CityStasher: luggage storage solutions in Europe

I often find myself in a city with a few hours to kill before check in at my lodging. Or with a bit of time before a train or flight. In these situations it’s a hassle to lug around a suitcase. Enter CityStasher, a new company that connects local businesses with travelers for short term luggage storage. The companies make some extra money and travelers gain a lot more options.

Since launching in 2016 CityStasher has expanded to cities throughout the UK and into Paris and Amsterdam. Coincidentally I was recently in Paris with exactly this problem. My friend and I checked out of our Airbnb at noon and had a train departing later in the afternoon. We figured we would stash our luggage in a locker at the train station and wander around the city. But we were so appalled by the prices for storage that we decided we would rather spend that money on a good meal and forego the extra few hours wandering around Paris. CityStasher charges a flat rate of £6 for 24 hours.

This isn’t the typical peer-to-peer service that I write about, but it’s a similar concept. Businesses that aren’t in the business of luggage storage can sign up to offer storage space. Travelers find a convenient place to drop their bags. The booking is made online and then you just show up at your luggage drop with the reservation number and your ID. All luggage is insured for up to £750. And longer term storage is available.

I hope this company expands quickly; I anticipate this is a service I’d use in many cities around the world.