Delivery Services

Finding crowdsourced delivery matches for my spring travel

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Last year I put a lot of work in to listing all my trips on every relevant crowdsourced delivery site. I was optimistic that I’d find lots of people wanting me to bring stuff from the United States to their country.  Some sites sent me emails with matches to requested deliveries, but none panned out. I ended up with no deliveries for any of my trips in the second half of 2016. And I had a lot of trips!

So this year I have been pretty lazy about listing my trips. It’s hard because so many peer-to-peer delivery sites exist. But most of them have very few users. And that means the odds of finding a match for someone who wants me to take something from the U.S. to London during the dates I’m traveling are not very high.

Because I’ve had the most success with Piggybee I decided to list my trips on there first. I still plan to list elsewhere, but sometimes it’s easier not to have so much information. Because I know about all of the social delivery sites, I want to list on all of them. And that’s a bit paralyzing when so far I haven’t found matches for my trips anywhere else.

The good news is that after listing two trips on Piggybee I immediately got emails matching me to about 10 requests for delivery. Of these two have progressed to the stage of purchasing goods for delivery. Stay tuned for those stories.