Flight Sharing

More Flight Sharing in Europe

winglyWingly, a new peer-to-peer flight sharing company, recently closed their first (angel) round of funding. From their press release on June 6:

More than 10,000 users, including around 2,000 pilots, are already convinced by the concept. To this day, Wingly’s pilots have already saved more than 60,000 € of costs. Flight hours are getting more expensive, costing on average 200 € and with Wingly, pilots have the possibility to offer free seats on their aircraft and simply share the costs with enthusiastic passengers. The advantage is clear: fly more for the same amount of money. Wingly intends to democratize and revitalize the light-aviation sector that as been lacking from internet related disruption up until today.

Wingly continues the growing flight sharing trend in Europe, which was shut down by the FAA in the United States. The money will be used to expand their France and German area aviation.