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FlightCar – Earn Money Carsharing While you Travel

FlightcarFlightcar is a new peer to peer transportation service that recently launched in San Francisco, Los Angeles in Boston. When you are going on a trip you simply drive your car to the airport and drop it off with these folks at their lot. They provide free parking and a car wash, and they offer your car up as a rental to folks flying in to your city. If they do rent out your car, you make money. If they don’t, you just got free parking and a car wash.

They seem to have covered the bases with insurance, screening of renters, and convenient drop off and pick up at the terminals.

I’m excited to try this service on my next trip. I calculate that it will save me at least $32 (the cost of taking the subway to and from the airport for the two of us), plus we get the free car wash. And it will potentially make us some money putting our car to work while we’re away. I’ll report back on our experience as car owners. I’d love to hear from anyone who has used this service for car rental.

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