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Getting Started with Home Exchange

image credit: http://www.home-swap.org.uk/
image credit: http://www.home-swap.org.uk/

Simultaneous exchange is only one of the home swap options! (image credit: http://www.home-swap.org.uk/)

Every once in a while someone in the media asks me to give some background info on home exchange for a story they’re writing. Usually they want to know, among other things, how new house swappers should get started. And so I point them to a bunch of things I have written about this. And in doing this I realize that my website could be better organized to help the new home exchanger find this information.

This post is an attempt to collect all the basics about home exchange into one place. If you read the posts linked below, I think you’ll have a pretty good handle on home exchange and how to get started.

The really basic stuff

Why Home Exchange?

How much money will I save?


Surely it’s not as good as it sounds. What if something goes wrong?


I’m ready to try it, now what do I do?

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