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GoCambio Partners with International Tutors Association

After my successful GoCambio exchange to Madrid I was interested to read a GoCambio email about their new partnership with the International Tutors Association (ITA). ITA provides tutor training and certification as well as job placement services, and for GoCambio members they are offering free certification (which ordinarily costs $59) as well a 40% discount on other training courses. This could definitely make for some more skilled and desirable GoCambio tutors.

International Tutors Association

I’m sure I could have benefited from formal language tutoring lessons as it took me a little while to figure out when and how often to interrupt the flow of English conversation to correct my GoCambio host.

Of course, if you find you love doing the tutoring through a peer-to-peer exchange on GoCambio, you could leverage this experience and spend some time living internationally and supporting yourself tutoring. That’s where ITA picks up. I reached out to the ITA team to ask for more information about this partnership and they explained:

It was a natural decision to collaborate with GoCambio. These guys have done the same analysis of the tutoring market than us. They have decided to resolve the problem thanks to the sharing economy which is a brilliant idea! Now if someone goes on a cambio and enjoys teaching a language or a skill, they might realise that they want to get fully qualified in order to develop a real career in the tutoring industry. In this case, we encourage them to choose ITA. This is the reason why we offered to all the GoCambio members a free ITA certification which includes a free tutoring course, an access to an international job board to get connected with employers, exclusive discounts on our online teaching and tutoring courses, and a chat that allows them to connect with all the other members.


I have met a lot of people who live outside of their home country and work as a tutor or language teacher. Something to consider if you love traveling so much you want to settle in another country for a while.