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GuesttoGuest acquires another house swap network: Echangedemaison

In April GuesttoGuest announced acquisition of Echangedemaison, a Canadian home swap network with just under 6000 members.

Since 2015 GuesttoGuest has raised nearly $50 million in funding. They’ve used this money to buy several other home exchange networks over the past two years. In early 2017 GuesttoGuest acquired HomeExchange.com, combining two of the largest home exchange networks. And shortly before that they acquired HomeforHome (based in Spain) and Trampolinn (based in France). 

When I interviewed the founder of GuesttoGuest about their acquisitions last year they made it clear that integration of these networks into the GuesttoGuest platform would only happen when and if it makes sense. And it’s possible some networks like HomeExchange.com will remain separate. GuesttoGuest is taking the same approach with Echangedemaison: there is no plan for immediate changes. Instead they will spend some time looking at the needs of the community and how they use the platform.

Consolidation is constantly happening in the home exchange world these days. But new networks are also opening up with creative approaches to house swapping. In some ways it is good for members of networks when they combine. If they can consolidate platforms this gives everyone more swap opportunities. But for those who like the size and scope of their home swap membership, acquisitions and potential changes to the network can be scary.

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