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Holiday Swap de-activated my account

Holiday Swap, sent me an email recently notifying me that my account has been de-activated. This is a good thing! This is the new hospitality network offering stays for $1 per night. I’ve written about Holiday Swap, including my struggles to get their app working and figure out details about the network.
I’m happy that Holiday Swap is deactivating accounts that don’t have pictures. This is a sure sign of someone who isn’t serious about using the network. Their claim to have signed up 10,000+ properties in 172 countries since their launch less than a year ago still seems far fetched to me. But at least I now know they are trying to weed out inactive members.
Here’s the email Holiday Swap sent me:
We regret to inform you that your account has been placed into temporary inactive status… But don’t worry!
All you need to do is complete one easy task: upload a photo that accurately represents your listing… That’s it!
This should only take a minute of your time and can be done effortlessly from within the App.
After uploading your photo, simply respond to this email and we’ll have you back to swiping, matching and swapping in no time. Voila!
We highly recommend you upload more than one photo and provide fellow travelers with a short description of your listing to give them a quick insight into what makes your place special.
More complete listings always lead to more matches, helping you easily find the perfect accommodation for your next adventure!
We appreciate your time in updating your Holiday Swap listing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks again and as always, happy travels!
The Holiday Swap Team
I went in to the app to see about updating my status and also to test out the house browsing system again. Last time I tried it I was only able to see 20 home in the swipe view, and 20 homes on the map view (not the same homes). After uploading a picture I was still prompted to contact the administrator, but the app let me swipe through homes. Once again I saw only 20 homes, from random countries around the world. In the map view I can see 19 homes, and again they don’t appear to be the same list.

After browsing through the 20 homes in my swipe view I can’t see more. Changing my preferences still doesn’t change this. It looks like they’re still working out the kinks with the app, and to be fair I’m testing it with my account in some sort of suspension limbo. I’ve reached out to support to re-activate my account and hope to see more functionality in the app soon.