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HomeExchange Gold Review


 Review date: April 2014




Year founded unknown


Run by the same folks who run homeexchange.com

English only

42,000 listings in 150 countries per claim on site

This is basically all of the same listings and features on the homeexchange.com site with a few additional “luxury” listings mixed in. Note: the “about” page is copied from homeexchange.com and claims 50,000 listings but they quote 42,000 on the pricing page and that matches the actual count on homeexchange.com. They also say that with this gold membership you get access to “700 luxury gold listings” which would account for a few extra on this site.

See my review of homeexchange.com for a breakout of listings by geographic region and to read about search functionality, listing display, and house swapping options as these sites are identical in these ways.

Site design: As far as I can tell, they just changed a few of the images and made the background color black and repurposed the homeexchange.com site for a significantly higher membership fee. Unfortunately, some of the links on this site don’t work (i.e. news reports), images don’t load (i.e. the about page), and overall it looks like an inferior, and possibly recently released, version of homeexchange.com that is an afterthought to try to make bigger money off the luxury home swap market.

Additional features: A personal assistant and complementary concierge service are added in for Gold members.

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