Delivery Services

I’m going to Iceland and no one there knows they need a delivery

People say stuff in Iceland is expensive. Not just regular ordinary expensive, but crazy super expensive. The world’s 4th most expensive country. This is no surprise, Iceland is an island, in the middle of nowhere. And it’s not exactly lush farm land. Or highly populated and set up for local manufacturing. Of course it costs more to import goods.Iceland-globe-map

This is a country ripe for peer to peer delivery. There should be lots of folks living in Iceland who want to buy things from elsewhere but are loath to pay steep delivery and import fees. Enter crowdsourced delivery. Enter me, on my trip to Iceland in May, with all that extra space in my luggage.

But sadly the market for peer to peer delivery is still very specific. Most companies are focused on just one or two routes or destinations. And it looks like no one in Iceland has gotten into this business yet. So in spite of the growing list of crowdsourced delivery companies  (select the sub-category of “Delivery”) – at last count I have 35 of them – I don’t have much chance of finding anyone in Iceland who knows they should want to take advantage of my trip to get some cheap American goods delivered.

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