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Review Updates for 2020 are Done!

home exchange network reviews

I finally finished the 2020 home exchange network review updates. And with those, I also updated the spreadsheet of info about all the networks. 2020 has been a strange year. Travel plummeted with the pandemic. And this impacted the house swap networks. I found 8 networks that folded this year. Another two were integrated into larger networks. That means the home exchange ecosystem is down to 55 active networks.

review updates

Most of the home swap groups out there are small; fewer than 1000 members. I count 16 networks with more than 2000 home listings (but 4 of those share the same listings). And only two are over the 10,000 mark: Love Home Swap with 13,000 and HomeExchange with over 300,000. There’s not much competition for dominance here.

But the smaller networks remain very relevant for many active home swappers. It doesn’t take tens of thousands of listings to find a home exchange if you’re a bit flexible. And for many folks, things like community, support, features, and focus of the network are more important than numbers.

For this reason, I continue to update reviews of most networks with more than 1000 listings. If you see one you want me to review that isn’t included, let me know!