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Roadie Launches Peer to Peer Shipping within the U.S.

Roadie Peer to Peer ShippingRoadie recently launched a platform for peer to peer shipping within the United States, taking advantage of unused space in cars that are already on the roads. If you’re taking a road trip, Roadie can help you earn some cash to cover the cost of gas. And if you need something shipped, this might be a cheaper and faster option than UPS or the USPS if they can get enough drivers to sign up.

With $10M in series A funding closed this year, Roadie is poised to take on a market that has so far resisted sharing: American cars. While Uber and Lyft and similar peer to peer taxi services are growing in popularity, traditional ridesharing services (aka car pooling) have failed to gain traction in the U.S. The idea of earning cash for delivering stuff instead of people is an interesting alternative.

To use Roadie you just download the app and enter either your upcoming trips (as a driver) or your delivery requests. The price is based on distance and urgency, and payment is made within the app with no negotiating or cash changing hands. You can even track your cargo on the way to it’s destination within the Roadie app.Roadie how it works

In an interesting twist, Roadie partnered with Waffle House to offer Roadie drivers free beverages when they’re out doing a delivery, and a free waffle to everyone who downloads the app. With so many travelers stopping at their restaurants across America (1,750 restaurants in 25 states), the app promotion Waffle House will be doing is bound to reach a segment of people who would otherwise never hear about this new peer-to-peer tool.

Roadie and Wafflehouse


If you’re taking a road trip, download the app and advertise it: you have nothing to lose and you might make some cash to cover your gas.