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ridesharing war effortWhen I’m preparing for a trip I like to do some research on the sharing economy services specific to my destination. In this case I’m looking at ridesharing services in Scandinavia. I will be in Stockholm and Copenhagen, taking the train between them because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful and fun ride. While in both places there will be opportunities for trips to see other parts of Sweden and Denmark and so ridesharing is likely a good option for transport on this trip. After all the fun I had ridesharing in Spain I’m eager to try this out in other countries.

GoMore is a Denmark ridesharing site. They recently started also offering peer to peer car rentals.

CarpoolWorld is a global site, with a surprising number of listings in Denmark and Sweden.

Samakning is one of the two main Swedish carpooling sites. The swedish word for carpooling is samåkning, literally translated as “drive together.”

Skjutsgruppen is the other main Swedish ridesharing site, this non-profit was started in 2007 by a student who spread it through his friends and social media. In 2013 they launched a new website and are growing quickly.

Neither of the Swedish sites offer an English version, but with the help of google translation I think I’ll be able to navigate well enough to find rides.

For a list of ridesharing sites in other countries, check out my spreadsheet of peer to peer travel services.