Sharing Economy Boat Rentals

IMG_5183Peer to Peer boat rental companies have come on strong over the past three years. This is an area that is ripe for sharing as most boats are idle most of the time (according to GetMyBoat the average boat is used only 8% of the time), and boat ownership is out of reach or just unpractical for many potential boat users. The idea is simple, boat owners can list their watercraft on a website with a price per hour or day, and renters can search options and complete a transaction to borrow a boat just like they would with lodging (AirBnb) or car rental (Getaround, Flightcar). Many of these sites are providing insurance to both owners and renters, and leaving it up to boat owners to determine skills and certifications required by renters.

Renting kayaks, motor boats, sailboats, yachts and more, some of these sites also offer chartered boats with the owner (or delegate) serving as captain for the rental. Prices are not cheap, but for vacationers who might pay for a boat trip for a day from the local tourist pier, this is a good alternative resource. Especially for fishers or sailers who are serious about boating, these sites open up a lot of new options. IMG_5562

As someone who only knows how to operate a kayak, I’m not likely to rent a boat myself. But a group charter for a special occasion could be a fun option. And I’m hoping the boat sharing concept (where a boat operator invites people to fill any empty seats in an already planned boat trip s/he is taking) will not be far behind peer to peer boat rentals.

To see a list of the boat rental websites and what regions of the world they cover select the Boat category in my P to P Company Spreadsheet.

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