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The Vacation Exchange Network Review

Vacation Exchange Network review

 Review date: October 2020


Vacation homes only, mostly in the U.S.

Founded in 1997

First year free, $89.95/yr (first year free); $250/exchange, $500/indirect exchange week 

English only

1377 listings mostly in the U.S.

This vacation home swap network has a majority of its listings in the United States.

Searching: Searches initially filter on geography, number of bedrooms, and property type (beach, desert, urban, etc.). There are no additional filters.

Listings: The search results include a photo and brief description. The details of the properties include availability dates and desired locations.

This site offers the following variations on house swapping:

  • simultaneous or non-simultaneous house swap – this is the traditional model where two parties swap houses for an agreed upon set of dates. Non-simultaneous works best with second homes, but is also useful for people going on vacation and leaving their home empty. In this case each party picks different dates for the swap.
  • Exchange credits – for letting someone stay in your house you get a credit of $250 which can be used to pay for a direct exchange or applied towards the cost of an indirect exchange (which costs $500).

Site design: The Vacation Exchange Network website is responsive and clean.

Additional features: The Vacation Exchange Network offers a free exchange coordinator to set up your swaps if you want the help. This is a much higher touch service than most home swap networks.

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