Work for Lodging

Tibba: Trade Labor for Lodging and More

I came across a new peer-to-peer service, Tibba, that let’s you trade skills for stuff you need. One target audience is freelancers and digital nomads who can find opportunities to barter their skills in exchange for free lodging or other necessities. But Tibba is more general than just travel, helping individuals and small businesses to barter their time, services and skills.
Tibba homepage

Tibba launched in Dubai in May and will be rolling out services in Europe in June and July, and they’re also running a kickstarter campaign if you want to support this innovative service. For travelers it may open up more opportunities to trade labor for lodging, food, or even just fun experiences. Unfortunately I can’t test it out yet since it is not launched in the United States.
I’ve included Tibba in my spreadsheet of peer-to-peer travel resources under the work-for-lodging category because I think that’s the most likely use for travelers, and I don’t have a general skills swap category. I loved my GoCambio labor for lodging exchange so it’s nice to see more innovation in this labor swap space.