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Updated FlightCar Math

FlightCar, a peer to peer car rental company exclusively based at airports, recently revamped their logo and payment model, along with some other technical details. I recently wrote a post about how to calculate whether or not you will get value out of renting your car out with FlightCar while you’re traveling, so I figured it’s time to update my calculations with the new payment model.


New FlightCar logo

the new logo

First I have to say FlightCar doesn’t make it easy to find the payment terms. But with a little digging around on their website I came up with the new information, although the only way you can find out what they will pay you is by creating an account and telling them the make and year of your car as that determines what they charge renters. For my make/model car (one of the oldest that they accept) FlightCar used to pay 10 cents per mile, plus an additional 30 cents per mile for all mileage over 90 per day. It looks like the base rate hasn’t changed, but they now pay an additional 45 cents per mile over 100 per day. This is good news for car owners, and probably bad news for car renters as I assume this increased cost is being passed on to them.

FlightCar also updated their website to allow car owners to include more information about their cars. And they claim to have made some technical improvements to the mobile apps but I haven’t tested those out and doubt they would impact me significantly.

While these changes won’t significantly impact my decision to use FlightCar, it does slightly improve the value proposition for leaving my car with them on short weekend trips.