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Home Exchange Etiquette

Many house swappers have strong views on home exchange etiquette. This isn’t surprising: if you are inviting strangers to stay in your home, while you’re away, you might have some opinions about how they should behave. Unfortunately these opinions aren’t always expressed clearly, which can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. I wrote previously about all the things that […]

How Home Exchange Has Changed the Way I Travel

We’ve just finished a home exchange to Stockholm. First, if you haven’t visited yet, go there. It’s a really beautiful place with good public transit, friendly people, lots of islands and waterways, and a very relaxed vibe for a big city. And this is a place where a home exchange, without a vehicle, is the perfect way to travel. […]

NightSwapping Interview: Creating a New Concept in Sharing Economy Lodging

NightSwapping is a new concept in sharing economy lodging combining hospitality hosting like CouchSurfing, home exchange systems, and peer to peer rentals like AirBnb into one system. Members can earn lodging credits by hosting visitors, or they can purchase night credits (up to $45 per night, significantly cheaper than most other lodging options). Growing quickly, the NightSwapping […]

Best Home Exchange Websites – Updated July 2015

Click here to read the updated version of this post from July 2017 When I decided to try out house swapping I was overwhelmed by the number of websites serving people interested in home exchange. I spent a few weeks going through them at random, and searching in vain for objective reviews or at least some […]

The Value of Home Exchange

I started doing home exchanges to save money, and although I have found a lot of other advantages to this system of lodging for travel, in the end for me the finances are the biggest benefit of house swapping. My recent trip to Iceland really underscored this point.

Everything that could go wrong with a home exchange

I recently heard this story from avid home exchanger Renae Lindsay who was swapping her home in the U.S. for a place in Spain: The man whom I exchanged my condo for 3 weeks (I arrived a week later than he did to mine) failed to tell me his house was empty. There were 2 […]

My Membership was Deactivated by NightSwapping (and I’m happy about it)

In May I received the following email from NightSwapping (formerly Cosmopolit Home), a unique points-based hospitality and home exchange network: Hello Dawn, I am Clémence, your NightSwap Coach. These last few weeks, you have received quite a lot of NightSwap requests which you systematically reject, and it only generates frustration for our members. Which is why, in […]

Using Home Exchange Points to Travel in Iceland

Traveling in Iceland is expensive, and going alone is not a good way to save money. Even the dorm beds in the hostels are pricey (and they charge extra for bedding!). Often to save money I will look for a home exchange, but for this trip I couldn’t do a simultaneous home exchange since my wife stayed home and so […]

How to Save $360+ on Lodging in Tucson (or anywhere else)

I have to be in Tucson for a week in June for a family wedding. I know, it’s Arizona. No one goes to Arizona for a vacation in the summer. Let’s just put that aside for a minute: there will be aircon and swimming pools and we’ll make the best of it and have fun […]

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