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Barcelona home exchange: Getting value from swap points

My recent trip to Barcelona underscored for me the value of points-based home exchange. I was traveling with a friend and just passing through the city for 3 nights. We wanted a place to stay where we wouldn’t need to share a bed, and ideally it would be centrally located so we could maximize our […]

The future of home exchange and the sharing economy: an interview with Debbie Wosskow

After using the Love Home Swap home exchange network for a year and a half I was excited to have the opportunity to pose some interview questions to Debbie Wosskow, founder of this home exchange network. Love Home Swap has been pretty successful for my house swapping travel needs (one of the three sites I use), though […]

Room4exchange: House Swapping for People with Roommates

Room4exchange is the only home exchange network devoted to people who live in shared homes. The concept makes house swapping accessible to a lot of people who otherwise could not consider this option for free travel lodging. Targeting a younger and less wealthy demographic, Room4exchange has the potential to bring a lot of new people into home exchange. I recently […]

Home Exchange Guides

Interested in getting started with house swapping? Or maybe you just have some questions about home exchange. Here’s a list of links to all of my posts on the basics of home exchange as well as some external links to home exchange guides that I know about. Some are more comprehensive than others. These may […]

Reader Question: How much will I save doing a home exchange to Europe?

I got this question from a reader recently and I think it’s probably relevant to more folks than just her. Dear ShareTraveler:  Thank you for all of your research and excel spreadsheets! I have been going through your site and learning so much about various home exchange companies. I am currently trying to convince my […]

Home Exchange Etiquette

Many house swappers have strong views on home exchange etiquette. This isn’t surprising: if you are inviting strangers to stay in your home, while you’re away, you might have some opinions about how they should behave. Unfortunately these opinions aren’t always expressed clearly, which can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. I wrote previously about all the things that […]

How Home Exchange Has Changed the Way I Travel

We’ve just finished a home exchange to Stockholm. First, if you haven’t visited yet, go there. It’s a really beautiful place with good public transit, friendly people, lots of islands and waterways, and a very relaxed vibe for a big city. And this is a place where a home exchange, without a vehicle, is the perfect way to travel. […]

NightSwapping Interview: Creating a New Concept in Sharing Economy Lodging

NightSwapping is a new concept in sharing economy lodging combining hospitality hosting like CouchSurfing, home exchange systems, and peer to peer rentals like AirBnb into one system. Members can earn lodging credits by hosting visitors, or they can purchase night credits (up to $45 per night, significantly cheaper than most other lodging options). Growing quickly, the NightSwapping […]

Best Home Exchange Websites – Updated July 2015

Click here to read the updated version of this post from July 2017 When I decided to try out house swapping I was overwhelmed by the number of websites serving people interested in home exchange. I spent a few weeks going through them at random, and searching in vain for objective reviews or at least some […]

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