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House Swap Website Reviews

Here’s a list of all the swap sites I’ve reviewed so far. Also check out my summary of the reviews which includes a discussion of how to pick the right site for you. Love Home Swap Guest to Guest Cosmopolit Home Roof Swap Geenee Exchange Zones Home Link Home for Exchange Home for Swap Intervac Swapeo […]

Home for Home Review – August 2017

 Review date: August 2017 $61/year, 1 month free trial Founded in 2008 (this is when blogging began) Grupo Intercom “the leading group in Spain for the creation and development of Internet businesses.” English, Italian, Spanish, French and German 42,212 listings in 136 countries

Love Home Swap Review – June 2017 Founded in 2009 14 day free trial $240/year membership, $408/year standard (always on sale for $276), $816/year platinum (always on sale for $408) English and French Significant venture and private equity funding since 2011 8,532 listings (counted) Review update notes: I just published an updated review of this network in May, but then I discovered that my […]

Homelink Review May 2017

Review date: May 2017 Founded in 1953 $95/yr (variable pricing by country up to $153 USD equivalent in New Zealand and down to $63 in Turkey) 30 day free trial Originally a paper-based swap service founded by a man focused on swaps for teachers in the U.S. and a woman focused on swaps for armed service people […]

Guest to Guest review May 2017 Founded in 2011 Free, with charge for add on services including verification and security deposits. Single founder, created by 22 families from around the world English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch 289,000 listings in 187 countries (92,000 active listings) Listings by region: Asia: 7,720 North America: 33,208 South America: 59,429 Europe: 199,233 Africa: 24,569 Australia & New Zealand: 2,028 Guest […]

Intervac Review May 2017

Review date: May 2017 Founded in 1953 $99/year, 20 day free trial 13 languages Started in Europe by some teachers 5,616 About 5,000 of these listings are in Europe, with a big concentration in France. Note: Intervac does not make it easy to calculate total membership. I counted up the listings by searching on all possible geographic regions, but […]

LoveHomeSwap membership and search shenenagins

“Honesty is for the most part, less profitable than dishonesty.” ~ Plato Last week, right after I released my updated Love Home Swap website review, I noticed that LHS updated their search interface. Among other changes, they removed a filter that I criticized pretty harshly. Overall I’m disappointed with the LoveHomeSwap search functionality. … It is also very […]

LoveHomeSwap Review May 2017

This review includes incorrect membership estimates for Love Home Swap. I discovered misleading search features that were causing me to dramatically overestimate the membership of this network. Click here to read my latest (more accurate) review. Founded in 2009 14 day free trial $240/year membership, $408/year standard (always on sale for $276), $816/year platinum (always on […] Review April 2017

 Review updated April 2017 Founded in 1992 $150 per year for first listing, $75 for additional listings Sold in 2017 to Guest to Guest 16 languages 65,000 listings in 150 countries  Listings by geographic region (approximate, based on counting from map view): Africa: 300 Asia:  400 North America: 20,000 Europe: 35,000 Oceana: 2300 South America: 1000 These numbers […]

First Home Exchange Alliance Review

 Review date: July 2016 $40/yr – $79/yrPart of the First Home Exchange Alliance (FHEA), this site shares listings and virtually identical functionality with the following sites: InventedCity Home Base Holidays Green Theme International Guardian English only 2340 listings These four sites now share a search engine and most of the site functionality […]

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