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Airbnb Rentals may soon be Available on Lodging Metasearch Sites

I’ve had a draft post in my queue for about a year, ever since I did a comparison of peer to peer rental lodging metasearch tools and followups describing my search failures and explaining why most of them don’t integrate Airbnb very well. After those posts some additional rental metasearch sites reached out to ask that I include them […]

Peer to Peer Home Rental Insurance Pilot from Allstate

Many home insurance policies in the United States don’t cover peer-to-peer rentals. This means people listing their homes for rent on sites like AirBnb may not have insurance coverage if a renters steals stuff or trashes the house. The insurance industry has been slow to respond to the need for coverage in the now popular sharing […]

Sharing Economy Travel Businesses in Africa

On my recent trip to Kenya I spent some time searching around for peer-to-peer travel services that I might take advantage of in the region. One of my favorite activities companies, I Like Local, has a solid presence in Kenya. They offer some very interesting activities both in Nairobi and in the countryside, and it’s […]

Freebird Launches Social Rental Lodging Site for People over 50

On September 3 The Freebird Club announced it’s launch of a social travel club for people over 50. Membership is currently a one-time fee of €25 for hosts and guests. The site offers hosted peer-to-peer rental lodging with an emphasis on the social nature of the hosting.

Belong Safe: New Insurance Option for Sharing Economy Lodging

After I wrote a few things about home exchange insurance the founders of a new insurance company, Belong Safe, reached out to tell me about their host insurance service. This company, which launched in 2016, is for people who are renting out their home on peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb and want to make sure they are fully […]

Why metasearch for peer-to-peer rental lodging is so challenging

This post should really be titled: Airbnb won’t play nicely with metasearch engines After posting my review of peer-to-peer lodging metasearch engines, featuring my recommendation that people use the ones that include Airbnb in their search, someone behind the scenes at one of these companies reached out to me to explain that most sites displaying […]

Peer to Peer Motorhome Rentals: save money and see the world with your bed in your car

I have a soft spot for the concept of motorhomes. It seems so fun to be self-contained in a vehicle; you can go anywhere, and your bed is right there with you. In this vein, about five years ago my wife got me a campervan for my birthday. It was a homemade version: an old Dodge cargo […]

Deaths on Airbnb: the risks of peer-to-peer services

I want to comment on a story that’s getting a lot of play in the media lately: Living and Dying on Airbnb. This is a very sad story, the writer’s father died while staying in an Airbnb cottage in Texas. It was a rope swing on a tree that killed him; the branch broke while he was […]

Airbnb experiences in Colombia – the problems

This is part two of my two part series on my  Airbnb experience in Colombia. Part 1 – Airbnb in Colombia: the really good Part 2 – Airbnb in Colombia: the problems (this post) I already wrote about all the good things that happened with my Airbnb rentals in Colombia. Now I’m going to talk about […]

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