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Share a Room offers new way to find travel partners

Share A Room is a new company offering a novel twist on finding travel buddies.  Think of it as a dating app for finding travel partners, where matches are found based on desired travel dates. Once you find a match you can chat within the app to make sure you’ll be a good fit. And you can match as many people as you want, it doesn’t have to be just 2 people in the group.

There are a number of other options for finding travel buddies and some of them provide similar services of connecting you with strangers to travel with on an upcoming trip.

In a smart move for monetization for the company, Share A Room connects new travel buddies directly to their hotel booking portal. To me that’s potentially a limitation, as I might want to use points to book hotels, or book with various discounts. And if I’m booking at the major hotel chains I want to book direct to take advantage of points and bonus earning deals and also potential best rate guarantees. But it seems likely this is possible once you’ve connected with your travel partner since you’ll need to have ways to contact one another outside the app regardless of how you book lodging.

Share A Room is currently in beta release so I’m on the waiting list to try it out.


  • I like this idea. Do you have any idea how Share a Room will differ from the list of sites that comes up when I google “Travel partner meet-ups”. I’ve never used any travel partner meet-up site but identity verification would seem essential.

    • I only see a few websites come up with that google search. And all but one are for male/female dating via travel, not platonic meetups to enjoy a trip together. There are definitely a few other networks like Share a Room, but not many that I’ve found.