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Updated FlightCar Math

FlightCar, a peer to peer car rental company exclusively based at airports, recently revamped their logo and payment model, along with some other technical details. I recently wrote a post about how to calculate whether or not you will get value out of renting your car out with FlightCar while you’re traveling, so I figured it’s […]

Someone’s Driving my Car: Saving Money using Peer to Peer Car Rentals

After my recent analysis of the cost/benefit of using FlightCar, a peer to peer car rental service, for short trips, I decided it was time to take my own advice for a 3 day trip to Chicago. TL;DR: Total saved = $74.25. Get over your fears about strangers driving your car and use FlightCar for short trips. […]

Should you use FlightCar for Airport Parking?

For a recent trip to Dallas I had to get to the airport early on a Saturday morning. The flight was early enough that the subway wasn’t running. So on  Friday night I sat on my couch trying to figure this out. For this 4 day trip I figured there were three options: Take a bus Take a Lyft/Uber/taxi […]

Three Day Sharing Economy Travel Extravaganza

Somewhat unplanned, my recent 3 day trip to Chicago turned into a sharing economy travel extravaganza. I’ll be publishing separate posts detailing my experiences with these services, but I wanted to write a quick sum up to explain how I saved $1074 and earned $20 while taking a weekend trip to visit friends. Peer to Peer […]

Cost and Insurance for Peer to Peer Rental Cars

I’m planning a trip to Salt Lake City in April and I’ll need a rental car. So I took a look at both peer to peer and commercial rental sites to find the best price. It’s not cheap to get a rental car from commercial companies at the SLC airport. Since I’ll be there for a […]

Car Sharing for Travel

I have updated my spreadsheet of sharing economy transportation resources and this is a summary of my finding so far. While I’m a big fan of public transportation, some places in the world it’s better, easier, and nicer to explore with a car. And fortunately for travelers, there are a wealth of new options for getting […]

FlightCar Review

I’ve finished my first trip using Flightcar to park, clean and rent out my car while I was away for a few weeks. This report summarizes my experience which was mostly good but with one significant and expensive problem. Flightcar is a new peer to peer transportation service that recently launched in San Francisco, Los […]

FlightCar – Earn Money Carsharing While you Travel

Flightcar is a new peer to peer transportation service that recently launched in San Francisco, Los Angeles in Boston. When you are going on a trip you simply drive your car to the airport and drop it off with these folks at their lot. They provide free parking and a car wash, and they offer […]

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