House Swap Website Reviews

Here’s a list of all the swap sites with current reviews. Also check out my summary of the reviews which includes a discussion of how to pick the right site for you.

Love Home Swap

Guest to Guest


Exchange Zones

Home Link

Home for Exchange

Home for Swap


Your Home for Mine

First Home Exchange Alliance:

Guardian Home Exchange

Home Base Holidays

Invented City

Green Theme International

Stay 4 Free


Casa Versa

Travel Home Exchange (note Guest to Guest acquisition in 2018)


Home Exchange 50 plus

House Swap Holidays

The Vacation Exchange Network

Exclusive Exchanges

Holiday Swap


People Like Us


Stay With Family

Table comparing all house swap sites: spreadsheet

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  1. We live in a cozy log house in b.c. Canada. What is the best site for 30 days + a simultaneous exchange only interested in. Fo yes to fl to Europe,Asia,ect…has to be worthwhile to stay a month or two. Can you tell me the best site for longer than 21 days in this review? Thank- you for this research page! Lynn

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