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Call for information from home exchange networks

Every year I update my spreadsheet of all the home exchange networks in the world. And one of the biggest challenges is getting accurate membership numbers for each network. Some websites do not display this information to non-members. And even for members this is sometimes hard to calculate. But I have found that most house swap companies are very honest when asked for this information. So in this post I’m requesting member counts from all home exchange networks.

I know many home exchange networks keep tabs on my website. Some of you have already reached out to share information about your network or the industry in general. I really appreciated this! ShareTraveler has emerged as the website people look to for objective information about house swapping. If I ran a home exchange network I’d be using this website both to keep up on my competition and for information about the industry in general. With that said, I hope you all will save me some time and help ensure my information about your network is 100% accurate.

Here’s what I need from house swap networks:

  1. Total number of members with active listings
  2. Number of members broken out by region of the world, ideally by continent but you can provide some other relevant geographic grouping (i.e. if your site is only active in South America, continent doesn’t make sense)
  3. Do you offer a free trial? If so, for how long?
  4. Please verify that everything else about your network is correct in my spreadsheet

I will ask for a way to verify your member count if it doesn’t line up with my research. I know most of you are very trustworthy and I apologize in advance for asking for this. But a few networks engage in shady business practices around membership claims and I don’t want to perpetuate misinformation.

Thanks in advance for helping to keep this resource up to date and accurate!


  • for Guesttoguest , today :
    353,000 recorded (if you criteria for “real listing” is at least a picture, it’s 121,000 recorded)

    52,000 in South america
    41,000 in North America
    4,660 in Oceania
    8,000 in Asia
    250,000 in Europe

  • for switchome, they made a new version in early 2018 and asked members to create a new announcement. it’s at 1,300 members for now.

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