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Home exchange insurance growing but still uncommon

insuranceA reporter recently asked me how many home exchange sites offer insurance. So I did a quick survey of the 90 existing house swap networks and found seven of them with insurance options. Below is my review of the available insurance policies. I’ve written about why I don’t think home exchange insurance  is necessary, and my specific experience purchasing it for one exchange. But if you want insurance you should join one of these sites.

The links below go directly to the insurance information page for each site.

LoveHomeSwap – Offered as a $79 per trip add on cost covering damage and cancellation.

GuesttoGuest – Offer both insurance and a security deposit as optional add on charges. Variable pricing for different insurance levels, set by the host.

HomeforSwap – Damage and cancellation insurance for €50 (per exchange).

MyTwinPlace – Insurance for damages and cancellation included in membership

Knok – Insurance for damages included in membership

Trampolinn – insurance for European residents only. (Though they’ve announced the site will be shutting down in its current form)

Nightswapping – Damages and cancellation as well as full travel insurance included in membership

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