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Peer to Peer Delivery News for September 2015

airplanePeople are always looking for ways to save on travel, but why not turn your trip into a money making opportunity? I wrote this overview of peer to peer delivery last year.  Since that time I’ve found a lot more crowdsourced delivery companies, published interviews with a few of them, and the space keeps growing.  You can check out all my posts on this topic here.

Venture funders seem to think there’s profit potential in peer to peer delivery, even though most businesses in this space are still very new and far from profitable. Nimber announced in August that it raised a new funding round of $850,000 to support the UK expansion of this Scandinavian-based company. They debuted service in the UK earlier this year with a full launch planned in September.

Below are two new additions to my sharing economy travel services spreadsheet in the category of crowdsourced delivery (select the Sub-Category of “Delivery”).

Grabr is a new peer to peer delivery network now in beta. The site claims to be “the first peer-to-peer delivery network” which seems like a bit of a stretch to me. But perhaps they will introduce some networking innovations that live up to this claim.



Trunkbird is a German crowdsourced delivery company also in beta. They appear to be focused on delivery overland. The site isn’t in English so I can’t say much more about the company.

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