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Redfin Features Home Swapping

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I got a recent mention in a Redfin post about home exchange. It’s a fine overview of home swapping, though mostly just quotes from various travel writers with their thoughts on the subject. I wish they would have linked to a more comprehensive beginners guide to house swapping.

Here it is for your reading pleasure.

And for the record, the post makes it sound like I was promoting HomeExchange Collection (the luxury, and more expensive, offering from HomeExchange.com). I don’t know who provided that quote, but it certainly wasn’t me.


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  • HE Collection seems to be struggling for growth and limited inventory in cities, which are (both) too bad – it’s a great idea esp if they integrated it smartly with the std HE platform/UI. IMHO the price was (way) too high for the inventory.

    Imagine instead if they offered intro pricing for the first 500-1000ish homes, selected by algorithm among the most popular homes on the main HE site (not the most expensive/etc).

    I also think the across-the-board price increase cuts out some of the best inventory and floods the platform with too homes in places like France and Spain. Instead, imagine if they’d priced HE to supply-demand for each area? (specifically, standard list price, then discount offers for homes in high-demand areas)

    Last thing: People Like Us seems to be getting traction, I’d be curious to see another review of them now…