Rome2Rio Confirms: Ridesharing wins for Lisbon to Madrid transit

There’s a very useful website called Rome2Rio which offers a comparison of methods of transportation between places throughout the world. Let’s say, for instance, that I need to get from Lisbon to Madrid. A search on Rome2Rio will produce this:


I can compare the travel times and costs for all the methods of transportation between these cities. They’ve even integrated ridesharing as an option. The rideshare link here connects me to the most popular ridesharing network in Europe: Blablacar. I’m not sure why it estimates that a rideshare will take longer than a private self-drive trip except maybe that they factor in the time it takes to get to your pick up and drop off spot.

I was looking at Blablacar for my upcoming trip that requires exactly this route of transit. And I had the thought that maybe there’s a better option. Like a fast and cheap bus. But Rome2Rio confirms that ridesharing is by far my best option. It’s both the fastest and the cheapest way for me to get between these cities.


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