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Site stats for 2017 and what they say about home exchange

My posts about house swapping and home exchange networks are by far the most popular on this website. So I think it’s safe to assume that when my site is getting lots of traffic it’s mostly from people who are researching home exchanges. Overall, traffic continued to grow in 2017. I was just under 150,000 views last year, a very nice jump from 2016. I really like this graph because it shows growth year over year and it also looks like WordPress is projecting at least 200k views in 2018.

I hope that my growing website traffic reflects a growing interest in home exchange. Selfishly, that would benefit me when I’m looking for a house swap. More potential folks to swap with. And of course that should be reflected in more visitors to this website.

The most popular post is my annual review of best home exchange networks.  This is followed closely by my comprehensive table of house swapping websites, and then various individual network reviews. People new to home exchange are probably researching their options for joining a house swap network, and folks who already belong to one are wondering if they should change networks or add another one.

In 2017 August was the highest month of activity on ShareTraveler.com followed closely by December. December is interesting because a big chunk of that activity happened in the last week of the month, starting December 26. I’m guessing people are thinking: “Holidays are almost over, it’s time to make vacation plans for next year!” I think it’s true that sending out requests at least six months in advance is a good practice if you want to arrange a summer home exchange. August might be the same phenomenon: “Summer travels are over, time to arrange our winter vacation.” Or perhaps: “Wow, our summer trip was super expensive, we should look into that home exchange thing so we can stop wasting money on hotels.”

Whatever your reason for visiting this website, I just want to say thanks for stopping by. And please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or additional information to share. I try to respond to everyone who isn’t spamming me. And if you need some more personalized advice you can email me directly.

Happy house swapping in 2018!


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