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Many of the regular readers of this website are very experienced house swappers. And some of you have shared stories with me privately, or in comments on articles, about some of your exchanges. Here’s your chance to share stories about your home exchange experiences. Real stories help folks who are new to house swapping learn more about what to expect. And many of you have interesting and fun stories to share.

Home Exchange

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Here are the parameters :

  1. You can write about good or bad experiences.
  2. If you’re writing about a bad experience, try to make your story useful for others and not just a rant. Sum up how someone might avoid the problem(s) you had.
  3. Include details about the home swap network you used.
  4. Keep your submission to a reasonable length. If you have multiple stories, send each one in separately. Many readers have short attention spans!
  5. If you don’t like writing, I’m happy to interview you about your experience and do the writing myself.

Send submissions to me at sharevoyager @ gmail. (Sorry you can’t really use a typewriter.) I’ll respond to let you know when you can expect to see your story posted.

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