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Stasher solves short-term luggage storage

stasher luggage storage

Last year I had a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong airport. I was excited about this opportunity to take the train into the city and take in some sights and food. There’s a special same-day fare for the express train to the city for people in exactly this situation. Hong Kong airport does have luggage storage in Terminal 1, but it’s $18 for the day, and that’s for a limited size and weight bag. I’m cheap enough to find that unreasonable. And many airports, train stations and bus depots don’t even offer baggage storage. Stasher has a solution to this problem.

stasher luggage storage

Stasher connects travelers with local businesses for short term luggage storage. This concept is especially useful for folks who stay in Airbnbs or other similar places without their own bag check solution. The hours between checkout and your departing flight and be passed in comfort, without lugging bags around town. It’s also a great option for folks exploring a city on a layover.

Stasher raised $2.5 million in new funding in January. The company has been around since 2016. It used to go by City Stasher when it first launched in Europe. It looks like their flat rate pricing of £6 (now $6 in the U.S.) for 24 hours hasn’t changed. But they’ve greatly expanded the luggage storage network: more than 1000 locations in 200 cities. And they’re partnering with some hotel chains which should quickly expand the options. Bookings come with insurance so users don’t have to worry about loss or damage.

Lots of businesses that aren’t in the business of luggage storage have signed on to the Stasher network. They make some extra money for very little additional work. And also generate some foot traffic, which might turn into other sales.