Work for Lodging

Swap English conversation for free travel in Europe

Trading work for lodging is one way to enjoy free travels while immersing yourself with locals. Premier TEFL is offering native English speakers the opportunity to spend several weeks in Europe teaching English in exchange for free lodging, meals, and tours. Folks between 18 and 30 who are ready to travel this summer can earn €150 towards travel expenses. This opportunity includes 120 hours of TEFL training and a certificate which may help people looking to get jobs teaching English abroad.

The free programs are available in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. The trips range from one to three weeks. It appears there is a £65 fee, of which £50 is refunded when you complete your commitment to the program. I consider £15 close enough to free.

I learned about this opportunity through Go Cambio, an organization that facilitates language for lodging swaps around the world. They partnered with the International Tutors Association last year. But there’s no evidence that this Premier TEFL opportunity is affiliated with Go Cambio in any way.

If you want a less structured language for lodging swap, Go Cambio is a great place to look. There won’t be any training classes, but your teaching obligations are likely to be fewer hours and more informal. You work one-on-one with someone who is also hosting your stay. I had an incredible time on my exchange in Madrid last year.

My home in Madrid for a month long GoCambio exchange

I’m not an expert in certifications for teaching english, so I’m not sure how much value there is in this Premier TEFL program. But training and practice teaching English is definitely valuable. And free international travel is always fun. Keep in mind you are responsible for your own flights to/from the country. Of course if you’ve got miles and points saved up this can also be free.