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Swaplet Launches New Home Exchange Network


The middle of a pandemic seems like an odd time to launch a new home swap network. But the folks at Swaplet are using Covid as a selling point. “Home exchange is trending as an optimal solution for low cost and COVID-19 safe traveling.” I think they’re right about this from a disease-safety perspective. I’d much rather stay in a home that’s been occupied by just one other family than a hotel with shared common areas, and without windows that open to air out the room.

The Swaplet initial release includes android and iOS apps. They plan to release a web version in the future but their focus is on app users.

So what distinguishes Swaplet from the other 55 active home exchange networks? While they’re not the first to launch entirely as an app-based service, this is very uncommon. The team has a strong technical background. And they’re looking to bring sophisticated algorithms to the challenge of finding exchange partners. They believe that the Swaplet app will significantly reduce the time it takes for people to find a home exchange. And with this algorithm, and a user friendly app, they hope to expand home exchange into the mainstream.

For now, if you’re looking for a swap to Israel, it’s not a surprise that this Israeli team has managed to recruit a number of early adopters in their home country.

Swaplet is free to use right now. The team plans to charge for “advanced and unlimited” features at some point in the future.

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