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So Many New Crowdsourced Delivery Sites

I was working on a how-to basics post on crowdsourced delivery when I came across a relatively new list of peer-to-peer shipping companies from Piggybee. David (at Piggybee) and I have been going back and forth expanding our respective lists of these companies for a while now (here’s the Piggybee list and here’s mine – in my spreadsheet filter on the sub-category “Delivery”). Fortunately for me, David speaks French (among several other languages) and so he’s on top of the huge French market which I didn’t even realize existed. By my count there are now at least 76 of these companies world wide.

Many of the new comers are still making bold claims about being the first to facilitate this novel approach to shipping. Don’t be fooled, a few of the crowdsourced delivery companies have been around since 2011. Rather than claiming to be “the first” I’d like to see these new companies offer something innovative that will really push the market for these services forward. Currently only a handful of people use these services, and to really succeed peer-to-peer delivery needs volume, both on the requester side and on the delivery side.

first collaborative delivery platform

In English: The first collaborative delivery platform

Below are all the new companies I added to my spreadsheet. Many of these aspire to facilitate deliveries world wide, but appear to be focused in the country where they were founded, so for now I have them listed in one country. In some ways this single country focus is super useful to travelers. I have found that the companies focusing on just one or two routes end up with a lot more requests for deliveries. Especially for us U.S.-based travelers who can buy many products cheaply, it’s nice to be able to go to just one website that focuses on the specific destination of your upcoming travel to find lots of delivery requests.

Remember, these are just the new ones, but I have the entire list on my spreadsheet and there you can sort by country of interest to find matches for your next trip.

Overland deliveries

These companies focus on deliveries by automobile, mostly within one country, and naturally they are in the language of that country






Pack’n Drive

Dupouceaubras – This site translates into Thumb Arm (in huge letters) which I found quite funny. It’s not fully functional yet.

SendMyPacket – Appears to be overland but site has limited functionality




Dropship – Beta release






Other countries

MeeMeep – Australia

Pack&Pack – Mexico

TeLoLlevo – Mexico, possibly to other countries in Latin America, not much content on site yet. (Spanish)

PickThisUp – Netherlands

PiggyBaggy – Finland

Shypp – Europe, beta release

JadeZabiore – Poland

Air deliveries

Many of these companies focus on just one country. Where relevant I have indicated the primary language of the site.

Airfrov – Singapore

BMTFT – India

Bring4U – Taiwan (Chinese)

CoColis – France (French)

Deal-Trotter – France, not yet entirely functional website but looks slick

eShipp – France

Globshop – France

Jwebi – France (French)

KakoExpress – France (French)

Ouisend – still pre-launch (French)

Qui Go – very limited site functionality without membership (French)

TafTaf – France–> Senegal (French)

Yoninti – pre-launch (French)

Toma&Go – Spain, overland and by air

Paqqy – Beta, currently one listing for delivery to Armenia (where they were founded)

Passenger – Beta, focused on Russia, seems to be looking to get deliveries from Russia and other countries to expats living abroad.

Parcl – Beta, different model: you buy stuff in country of interest and then find someone in that country to go ship it to you because the store won’t ship to your country. They partner with major shippers like Fedex.

Dlivrr – Based in Belgium, so far the site just has a contact page and pictures of lots of pretty people

Jetleap – Global but seems to have focus on Israel

PostRope – Global

Airmule – mobile app, not yet launched





  • Thanks to publish Pack&Pack, besides others platforms, we are on-demand, with a list of travelers doing the same travel every week, we connect them with those who needs to send something, 24 hours or less delivery between some cities in México.