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Why Home Exchange is a Good Vacation Lodging Option

Every house swap website has some sort of FAQ or introductory article about why you should participate in home exchange. But they all have some financial interest in getting you to sign up, so here’s my completely free-from-financial-interest take on it.

How much does home exchange cost?

Some home exchange networks are free. Some charge an annual fee. And others have more complicated pricing models, like a cost per night stayed. My post on the change in pricing model by Guest to Guest resulted in some interesting comments that led me to dig into pricing for home exchange networks more generally. You […]

ThirdHome Review – August 2018

Review date: August 2018 ThirdHome.com Year founded: 2010 $2500 initiation fee + $395-1295/stay Specialty: Vacation homes >$500k in value English only 10,000 members While ThirdHome claims over 10,000 member properties, but has about 1500 weeks available for swapping at any given time. I’m not sure how that works out, perhaps there are only really 1500 […]

Guest to Guest new home swap insurance system; free exchanges ending in 2019

As of 2019 Guest to Guest will no longer offer entirely free home exchanges. The network will still be free to join, but there will be a mandatory 10€ per night fee for all exchanges. For this fee exchangers and hosts will get insurance, cancellation protection and emergency assistance. While this sounds like a big […]

Updated Home Exchange Reviews, New Info on Insurance and Points

Regular readers probably noticed a flurry of review posts over the past few months. It’s that time of year when I update all my home exchange network reviews. It’s not exactly exciting reading, but I want them to be current as a resource to folks searching for info on house swapping. I don’t review every […]

HomeExchange.com Review – July 2018

Review updated: July 2018 HomeExchange.com Founded in 1992 $150 per year for first listing, $75 for additional listings Sold in 2017 to Guest to Guest 16 languages 56,000 listings in 150 countries  Listings by geographic region (approximate, based on counting from buggy regional search that seems to mis-classify some Europe homes into North America): Africa: 2500 Asia:  […]

Soliciting (spamming?) for guests on home exchange networks

Home exchange is a relatively labor intensive process. It often takes many inquiries to find a match for a trip you want to take. Now, in addition to searching for matches for places to stay, there’s a growing trend of members soliciting for guests on home exchange networks that allow hosts to earn credit towards […]

Horizon App Funding Campaign

Home exchange with a social conscience is how I’d describe the Horizon App. This network helps travelers find lodging and make personal connections through their stays. And it encourages “payment” to hosts through donations to charities. I interviewed Drew Meyers, the founder of Horizon, back in 2016. Since that time they’ve added a program in […]

GuesttoGuest acquires another house swap network: Echangedemaison

In April GuesttoGuest announced acquisition of Echangedemaison, a Canadian home swap network with just under 6000 members. Since 2015 GuesttoGuest has raised nearly $50 million in funding. They’ve used this money to buy several other home exchange networks over the past two years. In early 2017 GuesttoGuest acquired HomeExchange.com, combining two of the largest home exchange […]

Home exchange networks are exposing your information publicly

The recent Facebook data leak case with Cambridge Analytica has caused people to think more carefully about how their personal information is exposed online. It has certainly made me more aware of this issue. While working on updates to my home exchange network reviews I noticed that most networks make a lot of information about their […]

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