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Why Home Exchange is a Good Vacation Lodging Option

Every house swap website has some sort of FAQ or introductory article about why you should participate in home exchange. But they all have some financial interest in getting you to sign up, so here’s my completely free-from-financial-interest take on it.

GuesttoGuest acquires another house swap network: Echangedemaison

In April GuesttoGuest announced acquisition of Echangedemaison, a Canadian home swap network with just under 6000 members. Since 2015 GuesttoGuest has raised nearly $50 million in funding. They’ve used this money to buy several other home exchange networks over the past two years. In early 2017 GuesttoGuest acquired HomeExchange.com, combining two of the largest home exchange […]

Home exchange networks are exposing your information publicly

The recent Facebook data leak case with Cambridge Analytica has caused people to think more carefully about how their personal information is exposed online. It has certainly made me more aware of this issue. While working on updates to my home exchange network reviews I noticed that most networks make a lot of information about their […]

Holiday Swap introduces new app for home exchange

Holiday Swap launched a new home exchange network late last year. Focused on connecting travelers for either exchanged or hosted lodging, holiday swap charges just $1 per bed per night. So if you agree to a week long swap with someone who offers you a two bedroom waterfront villa in Thailand, you’ll pay $14 for […]

An inside look at the GuesttoGuest ambassador Program

Guest Post from Etienne, an experienced house swapper from France, and an ambassador for GuesttoGuest. GuesttoGuest was launched in 2011. In early 2015, they decided to associate some members to an ambassador program, which started in June 2015. The aim of this program is to help the website to develop, on a volunteer basis, in […]

Tips for writing a listing description that makes your home stand out

Guest Post by Janis Fisher Chan of Travel on the House When you search for a home exchange, what makes one home seem more appealing than another? It might be the way the home is described. Along with great photos, a vivid description makes your home stand out from the competition. These tips will help […]

Comparing costs of home exchange networks

There is wide variability in the pricing models and costs of home exchange networks. I thought it would be interesting to compare them. In this post I’ll compare base level price information for all existing house swap companies. I don’t advocating using price as the only criteria for selecting a network. Many that are free […]

Call for information from home exchange networks

Every year I update my spreadsheet of all the home exchange networks in the world. And one of the biggest challenges is getting accurate membership numbers for each network. Some websites do not display this information to non-members. And even for members this is sometimes hard to calculate. But I have found that most house […]

Cautiously testing home exchange with points – reader story

This reader story is from the same author as the first one I published last week. Etienne is an experienced house swapper from France, and an ambassador for GuesttoGuest. In late 2014, I was still doing only reciprocal swaps through free websites like Geenee or Switchome. But I was looking for a new experience, to […]

My First Home Exchange – reader story

This is the first in what I hope will be some fun reader stories about home exchanges. This story comes from Etienne, an active and experienced house swapper from France. In late 2010, my wife and I were young teachers, with long holidays and not enough money to spend on travel 🙂 I heard about home […]

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