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Blackbird launches flightsharing in US

After years of legal battles (which have now moved into Congress), another company is entering the flight sharing arena in the United States. Blackbird launched their service in 2016, initially offering seats on chartered airplanes. The bulk of their service is still chartered flights, but Blackbird recently introduced the option to Hitch a ride on […]

Flight Sharing in U.S. killed by courts but now revived in Congress

Flight sharing may be legalized in the U.S. this year with a new bill introduced to Congress. Flight sharing is a way for private pilots to offer empty seats in airplanes to strangers who want to fly the same route. It helps the pilots cover the rather high costs of equipment and fuel. And it […]

Traveling on the Cheap: Flights, Hotels and more

If you read my last post, you saw that I managed to put together a 2 week trip to Japan (with a few days in Taipei) for two people that’s costing me very little out of pocket. We’re staying in nice hotels, and traveling (in comfort) via airplane and train, mostly using miles and points. […]

Traveling on the Cheap: Japan Case Study

I travel a lot, and I spend very little money on my travels. A big chunk of the savings comes from stuff I write about on this website: home exchanges for free lodging, ridesharing for cheap transportation, crowdsourced delivery to pick up some extra cash or other useful services (like a ride from the airport), […]

Flight Sharing Shut Down by U.S. Supreme Court

On January 9 the Supreme Court declined to hear a Flytenow case against the FAA, effectively shutting down the legal appeal for their flight sharing business. This is just the latest development in a long legal battle by Flytenow since they were shut down by the FAA in 2015. The concept of flight sharing is similar to […]

More Flight Sharing in Europe

Wingly, a new peer-to-peer flight sharing company, recently closed their first (angel) round of funding. From their press release on June 6: More than 10,000 users, including around 2,000 pilots, are already convinced by the concept. To this day, Wingly’s pilots have already saved more than 60,000 € of costs. Flight hours are getting more expensive, costing […]

Peer-to-Peer Flight Sharing Grounded by the FAA

In 2014 the FAA demanded a halt to flight sharing for violating FAA regulations, starting a legal battle with Flytenow, one of a handful of flight sharing companies in the U.S. At the end of 2015 the U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington DC ruled against Flytenow. While challenging the FAA decision, by late 2015 the flight sharing businesses in […]

Seriously Cheap Flights

Last week I booked a trip to Barcelona for $301 round trip, in business class. The routing is pretty nice – one stop in London. Actually I also booked 2 more tickets for summer travel (in 2016) to Europe on this deal. This may have been a mistake fare, though I think more likely it was […]

Flight Sharing Taking off in Europe, Grounded in the U.S.

Last year I reported on the FAA grounding flight sharing services in the United States. I recently came across a new flight sharing service (or as they call it, traveling by coavionnage) in Europe: Off We Fly. They mostly have flights listed within France, but the website is in both French and English so they clearly […]

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