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Delivering Shoes in Granada: Peer to Peer Delivery Services

I’ve been carrying around these shoes since leaving San Francisco. They were delivered to my house a few weeks before I left, in a size much too large for my feet. This is my first foray into peer to peer delivery, yet another aspect of the sharing economy relevant to travelers. I posted my trip to […]

Saving Money Ride Sharing in Spain

For a day trip from Barcelona to Girona it’s pretty easy to take the train. There’s even a fast train that cuts the trip time down to about 38 minutes. It costs 15.90 Euro one way if you want to do something tricky like also visit the Dali museum in nearby Figueres (buying a standard round trip […]

The Value of Airline Lounges

A few months ago I signed up for a great points deal with American Airlines which involved spending $10k in 3 months on their executive platinum card and getting 100,000 points in return. In addition, this card comes with free access to the AA airport lounges. This is a feature that I get a ton […]

How to Get a Good Seat in Economy Class

Unlike most of the bloggers I follow who write about chasing miles and points, I don’t aspire to fly first class. I think first class is lovely and I would never turn down a free upgrade, but I’d rather suffer through a day in chattel class so that I can spend my points on two economy […]

Funders Push Ride Sharing Forward Ignoring Regulators’ Objections

Sidecar raised $15 million this week, with funding from several sources including Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson.  The money is targeted at expanding their ride sharing program.  I wrote recently about the launch of ride sharing programs by Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. They are all offering riders the option of either taking a peer to […]

Ridesharing: Saving America from Cars

An article in Salon on Sunday offers a good overview of the recent MIT study on the potential sharability of the average New York city taxi ride. While ride sharing is popular in other countries, especially in Europe (see my recent post on Blablacar), and collectivos or other forms of shared or informal busses exist in […]

Sharing Economy is still Capitalism: Uber and Lyft Battle for Drivers

There’s been a lot of recent media coverage of the Uber and Lyft fight for drivers, particularly of Uber’s use of contractors to book fake rides with Lyft and either cancel them or use the rides to recruit the drivers. The Verge ran a full exposé of this Uber practice recently. Lots of people are outraged, […]

Global Crowdsourced Delivery Update

The founder of Piggybee (who I previously interviewed) published an interesting new blog post which includes a comprehensive list of peer to peer delivery companies, and some interesting thoughts on why this business model should succeed (or at least why he’s not crazy to be trying it).

FAA Halts Flight Sharing

On August 13 the Federal Aviation Administration sent AirPooler a notice that flight sharing violates regulations. Flight sharing is an interesting new peer to peer service that allows people to purchase a seat with a private pilot who has empty space in an upcoming flight. In theory this works like ride sharing, and helps cover the cost of […]

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